About Me

Teacher, Thinker, Reader, and Writer

Education is one of my passions- I love discussing teaching and learning, and I love exploring new ways to make learning authentic and thinking-centered.  

I was a language arts teacher, at profile pic blog 2the middle level, for 13 years, my entire career, and last year I embarked on a new journey-  I am a literacy specialist. It is my dream come true!

I’ve shared my love of reading and writing with middle-schoolers for 16 years. I’ve taught all levels- from gifted and talented students to students who are reading 6 grades below their current level in school. This is what I know about each and every one of them: they want to share in our passion, they want to learn how to grow, and they want to we care about them.

I’ve also worked as a lab classroom for the Denver-based Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC). Teachers attending PEBC’s Thinking Strategies Institute learn how to support students’ deep understandings by analyzing the thinking strategies that readers use to make sense of complex texts and challenging content. Attendees visit PEBC Lab Classrooms like mine to see teachers and students using the thinking strategies in action.

Mama and Partner- Party of 5

My family is another passion of mine.  It was a long road to get us to this Party of 5, so I turkey hats 2do not take it for granted!  My husband and I have been married mountain meg and Wfor 16 eventful years.

Like all working parents, my husband and I are a circus act trying to juggle everyone’s needs. I was really fortunate to be able to take a couple of years off with our kids, so being back in the classroom now feels like the right place to be.


THANK YOU for taking time to think and share your passion for teaching and learning with me.  It’s an exciting time to be in education.










2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Meg. My daughter, who is a middle school reading specialist, just sent the link to your blog to me. In the brief time I’ve had to peruse it, I am excited by what I see. Like you, I was home with my family for years, went back to the classroom and later became a reading specialist. I spend the last fifteen years of my career working with struggling readers at both the middle school and elementary level. Much a I loved my job, I made the decision to retire last June. I write a blog, http://www.helpurchildread.com,as I way to continue to support parents in their quest to grow proficient readers. Over the years, I discovered that many struggling readers had not developed their ability to think deeply. I applaud your work and will look forward to reading your blog. Rita Kenefic


    1. Thank you! I’ll check out your blog too. I’d love a good resource for parents. I agree, it is the thinking skills most struggling readers need- thinking skills and time to read. Once they master those, their reading ability improves so quickly! Like my kiddos, I struggled with reading and writing in school (and I continue to struggle with speaking articulately). All three (plus math) rely on the ability to think strategically. Luckily, it can be taught. Thanks so much for reaching out. I’d love to connect with your daughter too- we can all pool resources!


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