Friday Reflection: How can we turn our difficult experiences into seeds for success?

Friday Reflection

Each Friday includes a quote, media of some kind, reflection prompts, and a brief class discussion. The entire process takes 20 minutes or less once students get the hang of it and provides huge dividends when done consistently.


“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” 

-C.S. Lewis


Animated short: Tamara by Jason Marino

*My students watched this video several times this week as we discussed the Notice and Note Signposts. We used the signposts to uncover the themes the video presents. (To read this lesson, see “Evolving Understandings: Dig Deep with Signposts.”

If you do not have access to YouTube, you can also use the book Dear Mr. Falker for this reflection.

Reflection Prompts

  • What is your earliest memory of having difficulty learning something? (I always share my memory from the end of my kindergarten year. My mom found me in my bedroom in tears because my teacher had told us that some kids wouldn’t be going on to first grade because they didn’t know how to read yet. I remember holding the book and trying so hard to figure out what it said, but I just couldn’t.)
  • What has been difficult for you this year that isn’t so difficult anymore? What did you do to make it easier?
  • What is still difficult for you? What steps can you take next week to start making it feel easier?


  • As a group, we’ve changed a lot since the beginning of the year. (This is a following to last week’s reflection “Friday Reflection: What Have You Done Differently This Week?” What things should we try to improve in order to help each other continue to learn?
  • Any compliments for anyone? (This question is intentionally left open-ended because kids will surprise you once they’re comfortable enough to share. I ask the question regardless of the stage my class is in and share my own compliments if students aren’t ready to be open with each other yet.)


Teachers, what types of reflections do you do with your students? The more we share, the more we learn!

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